ACS/Uni-Fab has been in operation for over 30 years, starting out as a private contracting business.

Paul Soprano, who formerly had his own electrical contracting business, developed a modular wiring connector while working for Dual-Light. He presented this connector to AFC Cable Systems® as a concept and a way to utilize short length runs of cable and turn it into a modular wiring division.

In 1983, this division was started in a trailer and was known as the AFC Flex wiring division. The Flex-4 Modular Wiring System was launched in 1985 and is still offered today. ACS Flex Wiring expanded in 1986 to include both fixture whips and custom cuts as part of the offering.

During the mid 1990’s, AFC acquired Uni-Fab which was manufacturing prefab device assemblies, this brand was later rebranded as America Cable Systems®. In 2004, the original Uni-Fab facility in Texas was relocated to New Bedford, MA and rebranded to ACS/Uni-Fab. The ACS/Uni-Fab product line features integrated modular wiring systems for commercial and industrial lighting and power applications. The power systems are one of the industry’s most respected.

The modular design of lighting systems significantly reduces the amount of labor required for installation, saving up to 30% on the installation cost versus alternative wiring methods. They’re used in large safety critical projects for applications such as stadiums, hospitals, office complexes, and heavy industry. ACS/Uni-Fab assemblies include products for branch circuit power systems and standard device assemblies.

Assemblies for distribution systems can be utilized to distribute 20 to 50 AMP branch circuits from panels to remote locations. Floor modules can accommodate power, voice and data for maximum convenience. Working in conjunction with the electrical contractor, ACS/Uni-Fab determines the proper assembly to meet their required application for hotels, condos, dormitories, offices, multi-family housing units, assisted living centers and more. Unsurpassed quality, high on-site productivity, significantly lower labor, and easier on-site distribution makes ACS/Uni-Fab your value added partner.

The device assemblies from ACS/Uni-Fab has the industry’s broadest scope of products with easy installation that saves money, time and eliminates errors associated with repetitive tasks. All products are built in accordance with UL® and installed per NEC requirements. ACS offers wiring systems for fluorescent and recessed lighting and for high and low bay fixtures. These systems feature a modular design, with components that snap together for quick, reliable installation, saving time and money over hard-wired methods. The modularity also makes it easy for end users to reconfigure facilities. When a plant manager lays out a new assembly line or an office manager relocates work stations, they simply unplug the fixtures and replug them at their new locations. The same is true in shopping malls and convenience stores, hospitals, schools and warehouses. ACS provides these lighting systems with clear wiring diagrams from the factory. This helps speed installation, making it easy to complete wiring right the first time.

ACS/Uni-Fab is now a proud part of Atkore.