During the quoting process, the engineer/contractor provides the project details and specifications to our ACS engineering team. The quote and drawings are developed using the provided specifications to ensure requirements for the job are met.
A fully engineered pre-fab solution can save up to 60% installation. Additional savings can be found in reduced waste and kitted/packaged materials delivered based on the job schedule.
Yes, ACS/Uni-Fab is a UL Listed manufacture for Wiring Assemblies (QQYZ). This allows ACS/Uni-Fab to ship to the job site wiring assemblies with devices wired and ready for installation and trim out. Where contractors doing prefab in-house will need to leave devices out until after the inspector does their electrical rough-in inspection. This saves time and labor of multiple touches and allows for the contractor to bill the customer up to the trim out stage faster.
A pre-fab system takes out the guess work on how much material to purchase for a job. A fully engineered system will provide pre-measured lengths of cable already connected to the boxes and kitted by room. Reduce onsite waste, installation and labor time on a job.
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