For over 30 years America Cable Systems® has been providing innovative Modular Lighting Solutions saving you time and money at the job site.

Our 5 pin Modular Lighitng Systems are expandable up to 10 pins making the ACS Flex2™ , FLex3™ and Flex4™ Systems the ideal solution for neutral-per-phase installations along with lighting control systems. The innovative ACS sales and applications engineering teams work side by side with contractors, inspectors and installers to optimize the performance of both the system components and applications. Working from electrical engineered system drawings, we rapidly provide precise installation drawings for the Modular Wiring solution greatly reducing the installed time and project costs.

The ACS Flex2™ , Flex3™ and Flex4™ systems are an adaptable electrical raceway solution for rapid installation of fluorescent and LED fixtures in both suspended ceiling lighting and open ceiling lighting applications. These systems are ideal for offices spaces, healthcare spaces, retail applications, schools, and specialty applications where speed of installation is paramount. Being an electrical raceway, the Flex2™, Flex3™ and Flex4™ systems can be designed and built to meet specific project requirements common to today’s smart lighting system needs such as branch circuit phasing, lighting control systems, occupancy sensing, and box above ceiling switching.

Installers have noted that using the ACS Flex systems provide a simpler installation with hassle free materials management. No more running around to get needed materials. No more digging through multiple pallets of assorted components or waiting on the right components. No more material scrap or wasted materials that you have to invest non-value added time in cleaning up or moving around. Give us your fixture manufacture and we’ll ship our fixture drops to them for installation to their fixtures. Just give us your project schedule and let our “job- in- a -box” solution assist your team with their next lighting installation project.