ACS offers three modular lighting systems for high bay lighting and low bay lighting fixtures, Flex3, Flex3+. These systems are ideal for virtually any commercial, industrial, retail and institutional location requiring high bay lighting or low bay lighting fixtures including factories, warehouses, super stores, supermarkets and other open ceiling applications.

These easy to install modular lighting systems offer significant benefits over traditional hard-wiring methods including lower installation costs, due to dramatic reduction in time spent on the job site. Flex3’s simplicity of design, needing only one pass at each fixture location, produces savings in total installed cost of 30-50% or more, depending on local labor rates.

The Flex3 high bay lighting system requires only three components. Flex3+, still only three components, permits the disconnection and removal of lighting fixtures without interrupting power supply down the line. All system components are UL listed and labeled.

The Flex3 modular lighting system requires only three basic components to supply power to lighting fixtures in both high bay lighting and low bay lighting locations. These components can easily be installed or relocated by simply unplugging and plugging in connections.

Common applications of Flex3 include high bay lighting and low bay lighting fixtures in industrial locations such as factories or warehouses and retail locations such as supermarkets, super stores and other open ceiling applicaitons.

All components in the Flex3 system are rated for use on 20 ampere branch circuits and are UL listed and labeled.

The Flex3+ modular wiring for high bay lighting system allows the disconnection and removal of lighting fixtures without interrupting the power supply down the line. This three component system plugs together quickly and easily, supplying power to lighting fixtures installed in both high bay and low bay applications. As with Flex3, one pass installation at the fixture and simple design means Flex3+ delivers dramatic savings in total installed cost. The double connectors featured on the Flex3+ Double Headed Distribution Cables and Double-End Extender Cables allow the system to provide constant, uninterrupted power to each fixture in the run. The system’s modular approach provides the end user with the highest degree of flexibility and versatility when relocating fixtures. Flex3+ is designed for installation in commercial, industrial, retail and institutional applications that contain high and low bay fixtures such as warehouses, super stores and schools.

All components in the Flex3+ system are rated for use on 20 ampere branch circuits and are UL listed and labeled.

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