ACS Lighting in Healthcare

ACS offers a modular wiring systems for healthcare that is constructed from AFC HCF products.  Our Flex4-HCF solutions with HCF option are ideal for Lighting and Power wiring in health care facilities.

This solution is commonly used in areas of patient care in hospitals, nursing home, outpatient facilities, dental offices, clinics and medical centers (other than hazardous anesthetizing locations),  data processing systems, places of assembly, under raised floors, above suspended ceilings and in other air handling spaces.

Distribution Cable

The Distribution Box Cable functions as the starting point from which all the other system components are connected.

Each Distribution Box cable is manufactured from Type HCF cable and is equipped with a MC Connector to fit in a 1/2″ knockout. The conductors extending into a junction or distribution vox for connection to the hardwired system are six inches long. They consist of 90ºC insulated #12 AWG solid copper conductors with a #16 AWG bare aluminum bond wire and a #12 AWG solid copper ground.

All cables are rated for use on 20 ampere branch circuits and are dead fronted for safety. They are also color coded according to their specific voltage requirements. These components are idea for use in healthcare settings where HCF cable can be utilized.


Extender Cable

A versatile component in the AFC Flexible Wiring System, the Extender Cable is primarily used to carry branch circuit power. However, it can also be used to extend the length of the other cables.

Each Extender Cable is manufactured from Type HCF Cable and consists of 90º C insulated type THHN #12 AWG, solid copper conductors and #12 AWG, solid copper conductors  with a #16 AWG bare aluminum bond wire and a #12 AWG copper ground.


Lighting Cable

The Lighting Cable delivers locally or panel controlled branch circuit to a lighting fixture in an accessible ceiling – without the use of a factory installed fixture receptacle. This is accomplished by joining the lighting fixture leads to the lighting cable leads via the push-in fixture connectors supplied – then plugging the cable into the 1/2″ knockout in the fixture access plate.

Each lighting cable is manufactured from Type HCF Cable, the component features 90ºC insulated #12 AWG, solid copper conductors with a #16 AWG bare aluminum bond wire and a #12 AWG solid copper ground. Lighting cable leads are 105ºC insulated, # 18 AWG, solid copper conductors.