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We will be providing all possible resources to you on our new products so that you can more easily showcase their potential.

ACS/Uni-Fab Logo

Download our logo as either a print-ready .eps, .jpg, or .png for use in advertising our business or products. The logo should not be modified in any way. Dimensions should be constrained when resizing so that stretching or skewing of the logo does not occur. These files are available through a Special Download Request form.


Pre-Wired Load Centers

Load centers are pre-wired from the circuit breaker out for branch wiring. Homeruns for each circuit are pre-cut to length and terminated in panel. Conductors are labeled with circuit numbers for easy identification during installation. All cables come neatly coiled and zip-tied to the optional panel bracket.

Fully Engineered Non-Metallic Prefabrication

Fully engineered non-metallic prefabrication applications include wooden structures or areas where pipe or metal-clad cable is not a requirement.

Product Enhancement: 10 AWG Modular Wiring System for Lighting

ACS/Uni-fab is now offering a 10 AWG modular wiring system for lighting. New features include audible click and visual confirmation when connections are made.

Prefabricated Device Assemblies

Our Pre-Fabricated Device Assembly solutions are truly a “job-in-a-box” allowing us to custom design, build and package to meet your project needs, so you can get the job done right while saving time and money.

Non-Metallic Prefabricated Fully Engineered Systems

Non-metallic fully engineered prefabricated systems are now available for applications including wooden structures or areas where pipe or metal-clad cable is not required.