8 Oct 2019

Pre-Wired Load CentersACS/Uni-Fab has introduced fully engineered pre-wired load centers to increase efficiencies on electrical wiring projects.

They are especially useful for contractors and building owners looking for ways to speed up installation time on large-scale, repetitive jobs such as hotels, condos, health care facilities, and college dormitories.

New ACS/Uni-Fab load centers simplify the materials process and reduce onsite labor in several ways. Pre-wired from the circuit breaker out, with the homeruns for each circuit precut to length and terminated in the panel, they eliminate the need to measure and cut cable onsite, which adds to installation time and can result in waste. The precut cabling approach also eliminates the wait for components, and reduces the number of large coils and reels (typically 250-ft. and 1,000-ft. respectively) that need to be transported from area to area, also saving time and labor.

Customization is key; pre-wired load centers are designed for each specific project. The ACS/Uni-Fab team works directly with the electrical contractor of the building on exact requirements for the electrical system related to branch length, outlets, switching, etc. The load centers are built to project specifications and panel schedule, and conductors are labeled with circuit numbers for easy identification during installation. All cables come neatly coiled and zip-tied to the (optional) panel bracket. This leaves the contractor with a highly expedited installation — the crew simply routes the branch wiring to its destination.

ACS/Uni-Fab manufactures its pre-wired load centers to National Electrical Code (NEC) and UL® standards (UL® File No. 96572) in a controlled environment, with oversight by QC producers to ensure product quality. The load centers are available with metallic or non-metallic cable, and can be shipped in “stages,” so that all material does not have to be stored on the job site at once, risking theft or damage.

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