Features & Benefits

  • Reduced exposure to field labor costs
  • Fixed pricing
  • Branch circuit power system applications
  • Reduced material storage, handling and waste
  • Ideal for the repetitive and non-repetitive floor layouts
  • UL Listed wiring assemblies (File No. E96572)
Part NumberNumber of ConductorsVoltageLengthConnectors
This will indicate the number of current carrying conductors.The Voltage will indicate the color of the conductors.This will indicate the overall length of copper.Catalog Number are assemblied with UL Listed, Connectors
LAC1220.00S-44GG*2Black, White20' 0"(2) QL-KON50
LAD1220.00S-44GG2Brown, Grey20' 0"(2) QL-KON50
LBC1220.00S-44GG*3Black, Red, White20' 0"(2) QL-KON50
LBD1220.00S-44GG3Brown, Orange, Grey20' 0"(2) QL-KON50
LCC1225.00S-44GG4Black, Red, Blue, White25' 0"(2) QL-KON50
LCD1225.00S-44GG4Brown, Orange, Yellow, Grey25' 0"(2) QL-KON50