fully-engineered-systems-product-imageWhen it comes to the installation of branch wiring, two factors are critical: quality and cost-effectiveness. ACS/Uni-Fab Device Assemblies dramatically improve both.

Non-metallic fully engineered prefabricated systems are now available for applications including wooden structures or areas where pipe or metal-clad cable is not required.

Unmatched Quality
ACS/Uni-Fab assemblies are manufactured in a highly controlled manufacturing facility, to your precise specifications. The UL logo displayed on all of ACS/Uni-Fab assemblies demonstrates our commitment to the highest level of quality.

ACS/Uni-Fab works in conjunction with the electrical contractor to determine the proper assembly to meet their required application: hotels, condos, dormitories, offices, multi-family housing units, assisted living centers, hospitals* and more.

Superior Savings
ACS/Uni-Fab services such as project review, factory shop drawings, packaging by area and palletizing by floor, staged releases to reduce handling and on-site security; all greatly enhance on-site productivity and subsequently improve cost effectiveness.

Unsurpassed quality, high on-site productivity, significantly lower labor exposure, and easier on-site distribution makes ACS/Uni-Fab your value added partner.

*Except on emergency circuits as defined in NEC® 517

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions Step 1

  1. Start by laying out the location of the assemblies. With the aid of a template, attach each assembly to a stud.

Assembly Instructions Step 2

  1. Punch the top track and feed cables into the ceiling and make them up into a j-box. When devices are within several feet of each other the device assembly box can be used to make joints.

Assembly Instructions Step 3

  1. Each ACS/Uni-Fab device assembly includes everything necessary to make the connection.

Assembly Instructions Step 4

  1. Secure cable as required by Code, and call for wall rough inspection. All assemblies are UL listed which frees the inspector from checking the internal wiring of each assembly.

Electronic files or the electrical prints as well as any special project requirements are required to generate a  quotation. The quotation includes: room counts, device counts, estimated labor for individual rooms and a recap of the project.

Project Time Line Initial Design
ACS/Uni-Fab, with the Electrical Contractor, will coordinate the specific project requirements, which include project schedule, device type, color, amperage, height, ground up/down, wall thickness, etc.

After receipt of the drawings and project requirements, the initial design process begins. A typical unit layout is generated, allowing a visual confirmation of the project scope and contractor intent. Also produced is a detail report which provides specific information about each detail represented by numbered triangles on the shop drawings. This detail number shows on both the shop drawing and the detail report and corresponds to the label on the back of each device assembly. Electronic files, if available, are recommended as they expedite the design process.

Typical Unit Layout

Typical Unit Layout


Unit Detail Report

Generic Hotel (0000-01) | Area Drawing| Double Double A | Group All | Revision Date 01/06/2000

DetailCat #BoxRingBracketDevice 1Device 2Cable Arm TypeCable StripFar Conn.LengthConn.StripLocation
1SMC902NI-16-18-144S Deep1G 3/4"SCSBI20-BI
2SMC902NI-14-124S Deep1G 3/4"SCSBI20-BI

Project TimelineFully Engineered Project Timeline

The Electrical Contractor plays a key role in maintaining the project schedule. The shop drawings should be reviewed and approved as quickly as possible after the receipt of the initial design in order to keep the project on schedule.

A quick turn-around allows ample time for the balance of the “Project Time Line” to be completed.

The initial design should be reviewed closely for:

  • Cable lengths
  • Wall thickness
  • Device type
  • Overall layout

After reviewing the design, the Contractor should approve with changes or as shown and return the approvals to ACS/Uni-Fab.

ACS/Uni-Fab makes every effort to reduce overall job cost. As a part of that effort, we will box and palletize your
order by room number, area, section, like products, etc. to minimize sort time at the job-site. Each box contains a set of shop drawings allowing the electrician to quickly identify the placement of each device assembly.

ACS/Uni-Fab contracts with a network of carriers. Should the Contractor request a carrier outside our contracts or
special handling, additional freight costs may apply.