Let’s face it, the true benefit of a raised floor solution is optimizing the utilities space it provides.

Air handling systems, voice and data cable management and power service are the leading utility candidates. The America Cable Systems® Intelligent Floor® System provides layout and configuration flexibility along with expandability and adaptability to grow along with the technical advancements of today and tomorrow. Unsurpassed quality, high on-site productivity, significantly lower labor, and easier on-site distribution makes ACS Uni-Fab your value added partner in modular solutions for raised floor and under floor power.

The ACS Intelligent Floor® system is an adaptable electrical raceway solution for rapid installation of power, voice and data to the workstation in raised floor applications. The Intelligent Floor® system is ideal for offices spaces, trading floors, computer rooms, casino slot areas, and other accessible floor applications where speed of installation and relocatability is paramount. Being a flexible electrical raceway solution, the Intelligent Floor® system can be designed and built to meet specific project requirements for today’s advanced workstation needs.

The ACS Intelligent Floor® system pioneered the simplicity of the back-to-the-panel wiring solution with our factory installed custom homerun cables attached to our multi-port distribution boxes. For power applications The ACS Intelligent Floor® system consists of a Main Distribution Box as the heart of the System. It provides power to the Access Floor Modules and/or Secondary Distribution Boxes via Double Port Extender Cables and/or Single Port Extender Cables. All of the ACS Intelligent Floor®™ Systems are UL® and CSA Listed and all products are 100% tested and assembled by our IBEW team members.