In Open Office applications such as call centers, trading floors, government buildings and corporate headquarters or any application where workstation wiring can be provided from the floor the ACS Intelligent Floor solution provides industry leading quality and features and benefits.

The ACS Intelligent floor system for raised floor applications is a proven labor savings solution that allows for easy adds, moves and changes.  We custom design each system based off of your project needs.


For building owners, architects, construction managers, facilities engineers, and network administrators alike, ACS modular zone distribution systems are the intelligent choice. ACS takes the basic idea of zone wiring and combines it with pre-cut, pre-tested cable and plug-in connectors, to provide power and telecommunication systems that can be installed under raised floors (The Intelligent Floor), or in accessible ceilings (The Intelligent Ceiling).

ACS systems meet the challenges posed by new construction and renovation in offices, retail outlets, and institutional facilities by improving cable management, enhancing flexibility, reducing installation costs and showing dramatic cost savings throughout the life-cycle due to adds, moves and changes.


  • 6 port (GP & IG) MDB coupled with up to size 4 port (GP & IG) SDB
  • 6 port (GP or IG) MDB coupled with up to six 4 port or 6 port (GP or IG) SDB
  • 9 port (GP & IG) MDB coupled with up to nine 4 port or 6 port (GP & IG) SDB
  • 12 port (GP or IG) MDB coupled with up to twelve 4 port or 6 port (GP or IG) SDB