ACS for Casino Power

ACS has established themselves as the premier modular wiring solution in the exciting and growing segment of gaming and entertainment.  Casinos across America are continuously re-inventing their experience and the ACS Modular solutions provide simple, fast and efficient results to accommodate those changes.

Our plug and play power solutions offer first cost savings and continue to contribute labor savings benefits over the life of the location.  Time is money and we help to dramatically collapse the install schedule.

Providing gaming bank power to slot signage, ACS has the engineered solution to get your project done right the first time.

Casino Power Systems View

General Purpose power is distributed throughout a zone with this system. Metal Clad Home Run® Cable runs from the electrical panel to the Main Distribution Box (MDB). Metal Clad Extender Cables carry power to pre-wired quad and duplex assemblies for gaming stations and slot signage.


  • 6 port (GP & IG) MDB coupled with up to size 4 port (GP & IG) SDB
  • 6 port (GP or IG) MDB coupled with up to six 4 port or 6 port (GP or IG) SDB
  • 9 port (GP & IG) MDB coupled with up to nine 4 port or 6 port (GP & IG) SDB
  • 12 port (GP or IG) MDB coupled with up to twelve 4 port or 6 port (GP or IG) SDB