ACS/Uni-Fab Lab Boxes, Power Points and Floor Boxes are the building blocks for a unique, user friendly system of Computer Room Power Distribution assemblies. We combine the benefits of custom design with the flexibility and installation ease of a modular system.

This system supports all requirements between 15 and 60 Amperes – a capability not normally available on other systems. PDU Cable Assemblies are designed for raised floor branch circuit applications. They can be configured with a Bell Box and stainless steel cover or a 4” square box and industrial raised cover. The assemblies are capable of utilizing straight blade and locking type devices in a variety of configurations. Lab Boxes and PMPP’s are furnished with a custom bracket for easy hand installation which eliminates the dust and metal shavings produced by drilling for conventional support methods.

All power distribution assemblies are shipped with home runs attached – made from Liquidtight, MC or jacketed C cable, or flexible metal conduit.

Our modules are assembled from off the shelf materials to allow for easy field modifications. This means last minute design changes can be done on-site. For the long term, the same modular features, which allow for installation ease contribute to the longevity of the system. Even removal for relocation or storage can be accomplished quickly, with confidence that the system will be ready for future use.